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THE OASIS - NFT assets inter-application interoperability

Quick Guide

THE OASIS protocol is a set of blockchain-based protocols and tool suites. It realizes the transfer and reuse of virtual assets based on NFT (Non-Fungible Token) among different contracts, and provides a well-packaged asset reuse and analysis toolkit


Universal Asset Standard
THE OASIS has developed a FT/NFT with good scalability Standard interface, and provide a complete contract template
Cross-contract NFT Transfer

THE OASIS implements secure and atomic cross-contract NFT transfers, helping your assets shuttle through the data layer of various applications

Customized asset mapping

You can freely customize the mapping target assets of foreign NFT in the contract to achieve more flexible asset reuse

Cryptographic Security
  • Digital signatures guarantee asset integrity and prevent tampering
  • Transfer contract records the location of assets to prevent counterfeit assets
  • Full life cycle tracking

Why join in THE OASIS

Quick Cold Start

Reuse assets of existing applications, quickly attract traffic, and accelerate application cold start

Stimulate Consumption
  • The era of forcing players to repeatedly consume props is about to pass
  • Strong reusability, assets with richer usage scenarios are more likely to be favored by players
Cross-application Gameplay

Take a Crypto Kitty to visit Decentraland

Connected Dapp


Is there a charge for cross-application asset transfer?

At the contract execution level, only the transaction fees are charged. The application can also build a flexible payment plan on the upper layer to explore more business models.

Will there be a loss after the asset is transferred?

Assets may only be lost if there are security holes or other bugs in the contract. We recommend users review the security of the target application and fully trust it before proceeding with asset transfer operations.

If the partner unilaterally withdraws from the ecosystem, will the assets be affected?

In the case where the partner contract complies with the THE OASIS protocol standard, any asset can be transferred back to its original issuance contract at any time.

What restrictions will be placed on assets after the access agreement?

The protocol only standardizes the necessary data fields, and there are no restrictions on any other operations, which can be freely extended by the application side.

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